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The students are housed in separate accommodation quadrangles for girls and boys and the living accommodation comprises of dormitories, shower blocks, toilets and washing areas. The students are expected to do their own housework and keep the residential areas clean and tidy. Leisure facilities, including DSTV and Startimes television, are provided and located in each of the boys’ and girls’ living areas.

The Matron/Teacher, College Nurse and Warden, live alongside the residential students’ dormitories to operate as a close pastoral team supporting the overall welfare and disposition of each student. However, some of the staff and college administration are housed at the Campus. This re-enforces the pastoral care and administration of the students at all times.

College Security
The College is manned by the Luyanzi Security Group re-enforced with Hash Security on a 24/7 basis to ensure safety of students, staff and property at all times. The two groups are in touch with the Police for any emergencies where required. However, the College has never experienced any security threat. This gives us to have the most harmonious and safe studying and living environment, giving our students the opportunity to excel.