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Proposed Development

LAFL intends to construct a series of integrated academic institutions for delivering a comprehensive education package ranging from pre-primary through to University Polytechnic and Post graduate studies. The future development of the project would include strategic partners / collaborators. The development program started with a targeted to commence with Luyanzi College, Bweyogerere Campus as phase 1 which is now 9 years in existance.

Luyanzi College Bweyogerere Campus

LAFL mission established Luyanzi College Bweyogerere Campus that provides quality education of a high standard as phase one of the projects. The owners of LAFL to date have invested heavily at the college for nine years. Luyanzi College has delivered high quality education in a comfortable, inspiring, modernistic architectural setting and infrastructure with an educational system that is flexible, relevant and responsive to the local and wider market.