Our History

Luyanzi Academic Foundation Limited (LAFL) established Luyanzi Institute of Technology to provide relevant knowledge, values and skills for purposes of individual empowerment and employment in the labour market. LIT is a fully registered and licensed institute by Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda. A vibrant and quality centered professional institute established as an intervention to support skilling Ugandans with competencies relevant in the labour market.

LAFL decided to start the Institute of Technology because this sector has the greatest need for youth empowerment and the market labour driven skills. The Universal Primary Education (UPE) policy of 1996 adopted by the government of Uganda has proven to be very successful and subsequently the number of children progressing towards secondary education has increased dramatically. This has also been the case for the wider East African region. The current education system equips the youth and professionals with a vast range of theoretical concepts which do not match with the existing demand for market and industrial driven skills. This brings a gap to the existing high rate of unemployment.

LIT in its intervention will try to practically adopt the paradigm shift in the business Technical Vocational Education Training (BTVET) which is detailed as;

  • Educational Certificates which aim at skills and competences relevant in the labour market
  • Low achieving (school leavers) who are the targeted groups which can help all Ugandans in need of skill development
  • School system in the perspective of delivery context with a flexible workplace oriented environment

LAFL was incorporated in April 2006 to be fully constituted as a foundation of Academic Excellence of International recognition and acceptance in promoting  formal, an independent private enterprise, was set up by a group of like – minded individuals who share an interest in the advancement of education and health sectors in Uganda and East Africa. LAFL’s  long term strategic plan is to participate in the development of the social, educational and health sectors of Uganda by investing in the transformation of Luyanzi Schools into a beacon of learning excellence with very modern infrastructure and facilities for the provision of integrated comprehensive education and health in the sub region. LAFL is located on 400 acres at Lugazi which is a town in Buikwe district of central region of Uganda. It is 40 kilometers by road, East of Kampala, Uganda’s Capital and Largest City.