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Luyanzi Institute of Technology is a distinctive Institute and it blends its education with high – quality skill training, job placement and inter generation education fields. LIT operates on a strategy of integrating modern technology in its extensive established education curriculum which is relevant to the evolving industrial market driven needs. LIT has a well – developed modern training centre with high – tech library, classrooms, hardworking and diversified experienced team of experts and researchers.

Vision: Vibrant and Leading Centre of excellence dedicated to nurturing youth and professionals all over the world.

Mission: To equip and empower youth and professionals with competence and high quality practical oriented training that lead to in – demand sustainable employment.

Our Core Values: The ability to achieve our mission statement rests upon five main values we have developed in order to keep us focused and live up to our commitments.

  • Nurturance
  • Empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Professionalism
  • Collaborative partnership

Institute’s Strategic objectives

  • To streamline and strengthen governance and management systems of the institute
  • To develop and implement strategies for increasing resource mobilization and optimizing stakeholder support
  • To increase the visibility of the institute through a proactive and sustained public relations and communication strategy
  • To design and implement strategies that promotes holistic projects that target to transform both the youths and professionals

Programme Strategic Objectives

  • To strengthen the technical knowledge as well as analytical and managerial capacity to support self – employment and entrepreneurship
  • To reduce the mismatch between the demand and supply of skilled man-power
  • To feed the industrial market/ economy with competitive qualified staff both on local and international labor market.
  • To maintain competitiveness of the employed personnel by re-training and carrying out continuous professional development
  • To help the youths and professionals understand the scientific and technological aspect of contemporary civilization