8th May 2017
Sunday Reporting of candidates Class teachers /matrons/wardens 1st June 2017 Thursday Candidates’ party Class teachers 3rd June 2017 Saturday Martyr’s day All stake holders 4TH JUNE 2017 Sunday BEGINNING OF TERM II for s.1,s.2,s.3 &s.5 CLASS TEACHERS/DOSES/DEPUTY/H.M 5th JUNE 2017 MONDAY Serious Lessons Start DOSES /ALL TEACHERS ALL STAKE HOLDERS 9TH JUNE 2017 Friday National Heroes Day ALL STAKE HOLDERS 16th June 2017 Geography Field Work Trip(S.4 & S.6) Stake holders 17H JUNE 2017 Saturday Open Campaigns & Voting Of Prefects STAKE HOLDERS 18th June 2017 Prefects hand over Stake holders 25th June 2017 Scripture Union Hand Over STAKE HOLDERS 26TH JUNE 2017 Monday Eid- ul fitr All stake holders 29th June -7th july2017 Friday Mid-term exams /DOSES/ ALL TEACHERS 8th July 2017 Study tour for other classes(s.1,s.2,s.3 &s.5) Class teachers 11th July 2017 Submission of results All teachers 16th July 2017 Visitation day All stake holders 1st aug-22 Aug. 2017 Mock exams starts Dos/all teachers 2nd Aug. 2017 Wednesday Eid –ul-adhua All stake holders 5TH AUG – 15th Aug. 2017 Tuesday End of term exams Dos/all teachers 21st AUG 2017 Monday Submission of results ALL CLASS TEACHERS 24th Aug. 2017 • Class meetings 8:00AM -10:00AM. • GENERAL CLEANING FROM from 11:00am -12:30 pm • General assembly from 2:00pm -3:30pm Hm/deputy/DOSES / ALL TEACHERS 25th aug 2017 ISSUING OF REPORTS TO PARENTS AND CLOSURE ALL CLASS TEACHERS